Monday, May 23, 2011

May 2011

Millions of peaches... we had a great crop this year! I picked and picked until I wanted to cutAlign Left my head off from the allergies. So worth it though!
Since its starting to get hot Bryce, Anna, Porter and Avery (and Sadie) came over to play in Porters new birthday sprinklers.
Avery is so cute... she tried really hard to jump like Porter!
Justin made Porter a water slide. We found out it launches you pretty far at the end. Luckily Porter liked it. He also likes it when you push him down the slide... but I wouldn't know cuz I have never pushed him down the slide, Bryce. :)
Sadie was loving the water!
Afterwards we ordered Papa Johns (with cinnamon peaches and cream for dessert!) and watched Despicable Me. I love that movie! Fun night.

February 2011

My brother Bk and nephew Noah came to visit for a short trip. It was such a nice day that we picked up Delly from pre-school and decided to all go to the zoo. When we got Delly we told her that we were taking her somewhere but it was a surprise (she'd never been before) so we weren't going to tell her where. We went to the Del Taco drive through to grab some quick lunch and me and my Mom were talking about whether to get drinks there or at the zoo and from the back seat Delly says "Did you just say zoo?!" Whoops, we kept the secret for about 5 minutes. She didn't want us to feel bad that we ruined it though so she said "It's OK! I'm still surprised right now!!". Maybe you had to be there but it was pretty cute. Here are some pictures from the day-

January 2011

TEN years down... eternity to go.

Seriously, how has it been 10 years since we got married? I can't hardly believe it. We decided to take a trip to San Diego to celebrate. We stayed in the Gaslamp quarter in downtown SD. Right across from our hotel was a restaurant called the Broken Yolk Cafe. They had the most delicious multigrain pancakes and hashbrowns! I made Justin eat there every morning. :) We also went to Old Town San Diego for yummy Mexican food and went to the new Mormon Battalion exhibit. It's fun and definitely worth going to. Our picture from there cracks me up though- check out Justin's ears!
Hiking around at Torrey Pines. We watched a couple Beluga whales play in the surf for awhile there too... so cool!
Watching the seals at seal beach. I could sit there and watch them all day. We also had fun watching the people walk out on the water break... there weren't big waves that day but every so often a huge wave would come and soak everyone and we would laugh as we watched them run. Then we decided to walk out there ourselves to see the seals close up....
and then BAM! Seconds after we took this picture we got soaked too! Karma.
Petting the dolphins at Sea World! I loved it. It was the perfect day to go there. Hardly any crowds and perfect weather.
Justin and his fish friend.
Watching the sunset at sunset cliffs (it's not just a clever name). We had a great trip, happy anniversary to us!!

December 2010

The Harris's invited me to crash their family vacation. I hadn't been forever so I was so excited to go! It is Harris family tradition to take a picture by the Indian.
The Matterhorn! I love Delly's worried face in this picture. She would get anxiety before every ride. She would ask "is it dark?", "is it scary?", "is it fast?" and we would of course lie and say "no, it's not!". Because after every ride she was so happy and loved them all! Except the Tower of Terror... or as we called it- The Tower of Fun! After we got off she said "Why do they call it the Tower of Fun anyways... it's NOT fun!". :)
Avery Belle driving me on the bumper cars... I recommend not letting Avery drive you on the bumper cars. :)
I finally talked Delly into going on a ride with me. When I first asked her she said "Ummm... I think I'll ride with an adult first." I'm not sure what she thinks of me but apparently its not a responsible adult. I'm just one of the kids! This was before our ride on Space Mountain. "No Delly, it's not fast or dark!" Whoops! Maybe she was right not to trust me...
After Space Mountain- she LOVED it! She talked the whole time but all I could hear was her screaming "it's like we're really in space!". She was so cute.
My Tower of Terror partners Gage and Drey. We went on it several times, it was one of my favorites!
I jump Disneyland & California Adventure!

The new 3D Toy Story ride was awesome!! Another favorite.
We had a great time! Thanks Harris's for letting me crash your party!

Christmas Eve-
I didn't take many pictures on Christmas. Here's me and Hanny with our gifts from our parents. She got a nice stethoscope so she doesn't have to use the crappy prison ones and I got an acetylene gas tank for my jewelry. We were so excited!
We don't have a problem... I love my family!! :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

November 2010

We had Ashley Madsen take our pictures for our adoption profile. She is amazing! If you need pictures definitely give her a call! These were actually the first professional pictures we've had taken since our wedding almost 10 years ago, hello! We will not ever wait so long again.

Justin's parents offered to let us use part of their timeshare in Sedona... well ok, if we have to! We don't want it to go to waste or anything. :) I've always wanted to go to Jerome too so we took a day trip over there too.

Seriously, who doesn't need a faucet on the hood of their car?
We jump(ed) Sedona red rocks? Using self timer to get a jumping picture is not easy!
We rode our bikes to see some hieroglyphs and ruins...
the best part was when we sat on the rocks to eat our lunch. After a few minutes Justin said "these rocks are so cold". Which I thought was weird because... they weren't. After about 5 more minutes he realized he was sitting on the mouthpiece to his camelbak and it was slowly soaking into his pants! He had to ride all the way back with wet booty. I thought it was funny. :)
On the never ending hike.... after our bike ride we decided to take a quick 2 mile hike up a little creek. After about 5 or 6 miles in we realized the trail description we had was way off! It was super pretty but man we were tired!
Where we finally decided the trail ended-
After the hike we were pretty much done so we decided to drive around to see the rocks instead. Cathedral Rock-
Watching the sunset over the red rocks- beautiful!

We had a fun weekend away! I love Sedona!

October 2010

JDRF Walk- Time again for the JDRF walk to cure diabetes! We walk every year for my nephew Dean. As much fun as we have at the walk we hope someday we won't have to do it anymore. Dean (and his parents) have to go through so much dealing with diabetes... that cure can't come soon enough!
The Richards Fam. Thanks to them we had the greatest shirts ever this year!
Avery and Sadie checking out all the booths. We've taught these girls right!
Mom and Dad with the boy of the day, Dean.
Walking with the Coco!